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About us

“More than 1200 adults and children helped since 2013”
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The Problem


According to the 2020 United Way ALICE report, one-third of Calvert County families, and more than half of Calvert seniors are at the poverty level or earn less than the basic cost of living for our county.  For those living in poverty or close to the poverty line, an “everyday” life issue such as a car repair or medical bill can be the final factor in rendering these families homeless.   

Our Mission

The mission of Calvert Family Advocates is to improve the lives of Calvert County’s most vulnerable citizens by helping them help themselves. Our programs are designed to help people “get ahead”… not get a handout. For families experiencing generational poverty, or for young adults paying the price for poor life choices, we want to help break the cycle of defeat by providing the extra support needed – building a bridge to independence!

Our Mission
Our Method

Our Method

Calvert Family Advocates is the Social Services Advisory Board for Calvert County, which provides us unique insight into the current challenges faced by local families. We provide financial assistance only to individuals referred to us by the Calvert County Department of Social Services (DSS) or the Calvert County Public Schools. This process ensures that donations made to Calvert Family Advocates are used to support qualified individuals and families who, with the help of professionals, are on the road to self-sufficiency.  We work collaboratively with local government and other nonprofits to ensure our efforts are not duplicative, and as an all-volunteer organization with low overhead almost all donations are used to help Calvert residents in need.

Our Parent Organization – The MASSB Foundation

There are many worthwhile social services programs that are not governmentally funded and that could benefit from personal and business donations. In 2007, the Maryland Association of Social Services Boards (“MASSB”) established the MASSB Foundation in order to enable local Department of Social Services (DSS) Boards to obtain tax-deductible contributions to support local DSS projects and/or to build charitable endowments to provide permanent support of their programs. Contributions to MASSB Foundation/Calvert Family Advocates are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed under federal tax laws. To find out more about the MASSB Foundation visit:

The MASSB Foundation/Calvert Family Advocates is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Tax ID # 26-1192752

The MASSB Foundation
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